Now Thats A Lot Of Ink – Japanese Tattoo Designs

Talk about going over board with the ink! When I first saw this Japanese tattoo design I thought, “how could anyone survive a tattoo session like that?!”

Getting a tattoo on your body is a form of art and expression. Getting a tattoo on your body also takes time, money and tons of patience! A tattoo like this Japanese design would take many man hours, lots of pain and tons of money to complete. The time it would have taken couldĀ  be years before this design was complete. All of that shading, outlining and coloring alone would take a ton of different sessions. While most tattoo sessions last as long as the artist can go, but also depends on how long a person can take the pain of the needle. Getting a tattoo is painful and in certain parts of the body, you will experience more pain. Just take a look at this tattoo pain chart!

Japanese tattoos usually have koi fish and lots of black lines and dark blocks. These designs are meant for covering large parts of the body and are usually on large areas, such as the back, chest and entire arms or legs.

Just take a look at the detail and how much work this entire Japanese tattoo would have taken!

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    very good ………..!

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