Dwayne Johnson’s Shoulder Tattoo

Dwayne Johnson has a pretty impressive shoulder tattoo. Its in the style of the Polynesian design and looks great! Picking the right shoulder tattoo is important because the shoulders have a lot of area to cover. Not all tattoos would look good on the shoulder because some wouldn’t fit well. Usually big and intricate designs go in larger areas of the body because a tattoo with a lot of details needs a lot of space. Its nearly impossible to have a very detailed tattoo in a small area such as on the hand or foot, or the inner arm.

Dwayne Johnson has starred in many movies such as:

  • The Scorpion King (2002)
  • The Rundown (2003)
  • Walking Tall (2004)
  • Be Cool (2005)
  • Gridiron Gang (2006)
  • Get Smart (2008)
  • Planet 51 (2009) (voice) …. Captain Charles T. Baker
  • Tooth Fairy (2010/I)
  • The Other Guys (2010)

And many other movies with a few more in development for release in 2011. With his masculine build and strong arms his shoulder tattoo is hard to miss. If you watch most of his newer movies you will see his tattoo displayed, while other movies tend to hide it with costumes.

I personally am a fan of Dwayne Johnson and enjoy his movies, even if he has the same character.. the big buff guy who doesn’t take crap from anyone.

If you are in the market for a shoulder tattoo, be sure to research the best design first. Larger tattoos such as Tribal designs, Polynesian designs and Celtic designs work great on the shoulders because of the room for details.

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Another Black Light Skull Tattoo

Black light tattoos are pretty cool as long as you have a black light, or maybe if you like to party. Most black light ink is only visible under the black light or in regular light they will look like brown lines. The better ink or best black light tattoos are those that are invisible to the eye and only come out under the light.

With black light ink you could basically tattoo yourself anywhere and no one would even know you had the tattoo until you entered a room with black lights. Getting this black light tattoo on your head might damage your hair follicles but if you are already going bold it wouldn’t matter anyway.

This is a tribal design with black light ink used as a shade which helps the entire design to stand out under the light. Tribal tattoos usually have blocked designs like this one and are some of the most popular tattoos.

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Crazy Bullet Hole Tattoos

Here is an interesting tattoo, bullet holes. They look like real bullet holes with blood and shading that makes them actually look real. I think a design like this is kind of cool because it displays more than just art but makes the tattoo really look real.The placement of this tattoo is great, because its in a realistic location. Using the upper back for a tattoo will give you enough room to add to the design, such as the dripping blood. What a great idea.

It reminds me of a scar on my back that I have had for a few years and people are always asking me how I got it. I usually say I got shot or stabbed and they would believe me every time. With a bullet hole tattoo like this picture it would really draw the attention of anyone who saw it. I have never seen anyone with a tattoo that looks so real like these bullet holes. Maybe this guy thrives on attention?

A great tattoo idea can come from wanting something to look real, or an idea to cover up a scar, like the one on my back. Tattooing over scars can be done but don’t expect perfection because scarred tissue won’t act the same as normal skin.

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Polynesian Tattoo Inspired By Dwayne Johnson

Here is a really cool Polynesian tattoo inspired by ‘The Rock’ Dwayne Johnson. It seems like really buff guys can pull this type of tattoo off. Its very intricate and takes a ton of work to get it just right. This tattoo took nearly 40 hours of work using a combination of the coil and roatary machines. With a tattoo like this, it takes a lot of patience, a lot of work and a lot of separate working sessions to finish. This is a type of tattoo that would take months to complete and cost a great deal of money. Tattoos that are intricate like the Polynesian designs can take 40+ hours to complete like this one. But the end result is a very cool tattoo!

Dwayne Johnson also known as ‘The Rock’ sports this type of design and it looks really nice. The more intricate the design the more time it will take to complete. Tattoos tend to take a few weeks to be completely healed and sometimes the healing process needs to get to a certain stage before work on the next part of the design can be started. I really love these type of tattoos. The ones that wrap around the shoulder and go down the arm, I think they look the best!

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Wedding Ring Tattoo Ideas

I have heard of many stories of people either losing their wedding ring or getting their wedding ring stolen. My good friend was in Hawaii with his wife enjoying a day at the beach. Everything was perfect, the weather, the beach and their marriage. His wife took the wedding ring off and put it in her purse so that she wouldn’t lose it in the water, which is a very common cause of people losing their wedding rings. Before she knew it a guy grabbed her purse and ran off with everything, including her wedding ring! That day still brings up a sore subject with my friend. Everyone seems to know someone whose lost their wedding ring somehow.

I believe some people are trying to start a trend of having a tattoo instead of a wedding ring. I have been seeing many wedding ring tattoos lately but nothing I have actually liked. It seems like its a hard place to get a detailed ring, especially since the fingers are so small. If you ever want to get a detailed tattoo you will be told to pick a bigger area of the body since its too hard to get so much detail in a small area. Most wedding ring tattoos that I have seen tend to be blurred together or unattractive. It might be a way to have a ‘fake’ ring on your finger but at the cost of having something not a good as the real thing. I have also seen people with both tattooed wedding rings and the real thing on the same finger.

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My Engagement Story – Engagement Tattoos

I got inspired about engagement tattoos because I just got home from Ireland. I think Ireland is a great place to get engaged to the love of your life! Its not only a romantic place, but also very beautiful and stress free.

I was able to surprise my girlfriend by flying to Dublin, and then driving to a Bed and Breakfast called The Old Convent. She had no idea I was going to surprise her and it took a lot of effort on keeping the secret to myself. Her parents helped me set up the trip and kept her from guessing my plans. I just got home and wondered if people got tattoos after their engagements. I don’t think I would ever get an engagement tattoo but some of the pictures I found of other engagement tattoos inspired me. People fall in love with each other, get engaged and are inspired enough to get matching tattoos or tattoos that fit together when placed next to each other.

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Hawaiian Island Flower Tattoos

Here are some really popular tattoos. The Hawaiian Islands which are a popular travel destination and one of the places people tend to get tattoos also has some of the best looking flowers. These flowers (mainly the hibiscus flower) is used in most Hawaiian tattoos. You wouldn’t see this tattoo on a guy and girls love to get them on their stomachs or lower backs. Many tramp stamp designs that I have seen are usually a flower of some type or this Hawaiian flower.

With using colors on tattoos, its almost always acceptable with flowers or tattoos on girls. Personally I don’t like color on guys but girls can get away with having colored tattoos. It would look odd if a girl had a bold or strong looking tattoo, which is one of the reasons girls tend to get soft colors or light pinks in their tattoos. Flowers are the easiest tattoo to put any color or shade of color on. It’s hard to go wrong with having a colored flower tattoo and if you are looking for a popular design, try looking at the Hawaiian Islands.

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Full Body Skeleton Tattoo

Here is a great example of a full body skeleton tattoo. This tattoo would have taken a ton of hours and a lot of money to complete. Not to mention the painful parts that had to be tattoos. Along the lower back and spine would have been a tender spot to get this tattoo done.

What would inspire someone to get a full body skeleton tattoo? Does this guy just want to live outside of his skin or does he just have a fetish for his bones to be showing? Personally I think these are some of the weirdest tattoos a person could get because they are almost pointless. What are you going to do, walk around without your shirt off to show off your ‘boney skeleton’ tattoo? Just doesn’t make sense to me.

I guess the next place to start on this tattoo is the front, ribs and then skull?

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The New Black Light Tattoos

I love new ideas and new types of tattoos. Black light tattoos are interesting to me because it takes a different type of ink to make them work. You would think that this ink would be dangerous to use since it makes your skin glow in black light but here are some facts straight from the manufacturer. Just note that these are not ‘glow-in-the-dark’ tattoos but black light tattoos.

  • It contains NO phosphors
  • It is NOT radio active
  • It DOES NOT contain EverGlow
  • It does NOT cause cancer
  • It has FDA approval as a Spectral Marking tattoo Pigment that was developed for use in tracking tattooing animals and fish – and yes the same ones we eat, and has been tested and used with NO adverse reaction in humans for over 10 years.
  • the florescent dye is completely safe and has NO carcinogen and is human safe and does not spread or “blow out” because the dye is contained in micro capsules.

So if you are in the market for a black light tattoo you will want to make sure they are using the safe ink.

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A Little Too Extreme Facial Tattoo

Here is one of the most extreme facial tattoos I have ever seen. I was searching the net for different designs that I probably haven’t seen before. I wanted to get an idea of some unique tattoos out there before I got my next one. I came across this website that had a guy whose face was full of tattoos and piercings. I thought to myself that this is a little too extreme. I don’t know how this guy would ever want to go out into public, unless if he just likes all of the attention. It would be hard not to look at this guy or do a double take on him as he walked by.

Personally I would feel a little awkward as people would star at this guy. It makes you wonder what this guy will look like when he is 80 years old. How much of that ink will have faded by then and facial skin usually begins to wrinkle and droop after your 60’s. I would pay to see a picture of this guy in 30 years.

This just raises the bar of extreme tattoos. If you know of any other extreme tattoos please contact me and let me know or send me your pictures so I can add them to this blog. Thanks!

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