Pink Flower Bamboo Tattoo

Some of the nicer tattoos have color and stand out. Colored tattoos tend to fade to an ugly off shade of the original, which is one of the main reasons why I don’t really like colored tattoos. Some tattoos look better colored such as this pink flower with bamboo design. Many women choose to have color in their tattoos and the colors chosen are usually pinks and blues. A fresh colored tattoo looks a lot better than it will in a few years.

Not all colored tattoos end up looking ugly after a few years. They do lose their spark or boldness but that can be avoided by keeping your tattoo hidden from the sun. The sun is one of the main causes of tattoos fading. So with a pink flower bamboo tattoo on the back, its less likely it will see the light of day than a tattoo on the arm.

This is a very colorful tattoo and the bamboo stands out just as well as the pink flowers. This is a great choice for a colored tattoo. Without color or having this design all black, it wouldn’t be nearly as good.

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