Polynesian Tattoo Inspired By Dwayne Johnson

Here is a really cool Polynesian tattoo inspired by ‘The Rock’ Dwayne Johnson. It seems like really buff guys can pull this type of tattoo off. Its very intricate and takes a ton of work to get it just right. This tattoo took nearly 40 hours of work using a combination of the coil and roatary machines. With a tattoo like this, it takes a lot of patience, a lot of work and a lot of separate working sessions to finish. This is a type of tattoo that would take months to complete and cost a great deal of money. Tattoos that are intricate like the Polynesian designs can take 40+ hours to complete like this one. But the end result is a very cool tattoo!

Dwayne Johnson also known as ‘The Rock’ sports this type of design and it looks really nice. The more intricate the design the more time it will take to complete. Tattoos tend to take a few weeks to be completely healed and sometimes the healing process needs to get to a certain stage before work on the next part of the design can be started. I really love these type of tattoos. The ones that wrap around the shoulder and go down the arm, I think they look the best!

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3 Responses to Polynesian Tattoo Inspired By Dwayne Johnson

  1. whynotwinable says:

    How much would a tattoo like this cost?

  2. Gavin J Millar says:

    Well at 40 hours work, in the UK you would be looking at nearly £2400, which is an extremely lot of money, however the end result is superb when done correctly!

  3. kevin p says:

    wouaw, wonderfullll, is it possible to have other pics of this tatoo???.thkx

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