Very Cool Spiderman Tattoo

Here is a pretty cool Spiderman tattoo! I like the first Spider Man movie but getting a tattoo of Spiderman is a little over the top. Its a cool idea, I’m just saying its something you are going to have to live with forever and I didn’t think the movies where ‘that’ good.

The idea as a tattoo is interesting because you can make the tattoo look like you are Spiderman underneath your skin. This particular spider-man tattoo is on both arms and shows the skin ripping away and revealing the persons ‘true’ identity. The skin doesn’t look too realistic which I think takes away from this design. There are other Spider-Man tattoos that look better but I just haven’t seen any on the arms. Most Spiderman tattoos are done on the chest, which are more realistic and nice looking.

The color of this tattoo also helps it to stand out. The red and blue make it look realistic, but the shade they used for the skin color just doesn’t look good in my opinion.

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  1. The Spiderman Tattoo Design is unique and beautiful. However, we need to have the most experienced tattoo artist to print this unique tattoo designs to your body. Otherwise, you are likely to regret forever.

  2. luis says:

    whoa i want one of those suckers

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