Very Unique Tattoo Designs – Eyeball Tattoos

I don’t know what inspires some people to get tattoos, but some of these unique tattoos are just ‘weird’! What would inspire someone to get a huge eyeball tattooed on the back of their head or even a huge eyeball on their back.

Eyeball tattoos are nothing special and really don’t have any underlining meaning. Besides having a huge eyeball tattooed on your body, what else does it mean? That you are being watched or that you can see everything? Its just a weird and unique tattoo to get. Some of the most unique tattoo designs can be found online because almost any idea can be done as a tattoo and then put online.

Would you ever get a tattooed eyeball on your body? I don’t know if I could live with this on my body.

This eyeball on the head it probably one of the most unique designs I have seen. What would inspire a guy to get his bald head tattooed with an eyeball that is crying? Maybe he’s sad he lost his hair?

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