What Is An Ambigram Tattoo?

The ambigram tattoo is becoming popular but most people don’t really know the reason for it. Ambigrams are words or phrases that can be spelled the same forward and backwards and say the same thing. Some letters need to be modified or used differently to make some ambigrams work.

People can use phrases in other languages to mean something profound or meaningful to the person. One of my friends got an ambigram design done that means faithful but was in a different language.

Not all ambigrams have to say the same word backwards like ‘WOW‘ or ‘MOM‘, but can say a different word if read backwards like ‘GOD‘ = ‘DOG‘.

Here is an instance where the Ambigram says ‘Father‘ both ways

And here is another Ambigram tattoo that says ‘Family‘ reading left to right, while it says ‘Forever‘ reading it right to left:

With Ambigrams there are a ton of different variations and ways of creating a unique tattoo design. Some people are even getting their names done, which takes some effort and skill, but the great things about an ambigram design, is you will have one-of-a kind tattoo.

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