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Butterfly Tattoo:

The Butterfly tattoo symolizes metamorphosis, rebirth, and magic. The art of body modification is ancient, but one thing remains the same: the myth and symbols used, from butterfly tattoos to plain dots and lines, all had deep meaning to those being tattooed. Tattoos were often seen as ritualistic and religious symbols, and the butterfly was associated with the spiritual qualities of metamorphosis and rebirth. Many Eastern teachings, Buddhism in particular, noted that humanity’s life was like the life of a caterpillar in a cocoon. If the goal of life was to transcend our ordinary existence, then butterfly tattoos signified metamorphosis, spiritual rebirth, and the magic of the soul.

Ancient and Modern Meanings of Butterfly Tattoos

Many people today are seeking more meaning in their lives. Whether it is the hunt for an initiation ritual or just wanting some magic in their lives, tattooing offers them a way to find a closer identification with ancient and mysterious cultures. The choice of the symbol of a tattoo, in ancient cultures, was seen as very important as it could denote a person’s rank, marriage status, personal characteristics, character, religious beliefs or accomplishments. Today, in our barren ritualistic landscape, people often undertake to get a tattoo as a private and personal ritual with meaning known only to them. Many people choose butterfly tattoos when they’ve undergone a transformative experience as a symbol and reminder of their own life path.

Tattoos might have been a way to conform to a culture’s social expectations in the past, but they became more associated with counter-culture in the 1960’s. Today, many high profile celebrities sport tattoos with Britney Spears and others having butterfly tattoos as their choice. Drew Barrymore sports a butterfly tattoo under her navel. This resurgence of popularity and acceptance by high-profile celebrities have re-energized this ancient craft and made them more mainstream.

Butterfly Tattoos Are Popular With Men And Women

Butterfly tattoos are very popular with women, for their unique ability to represent grace, beauty, and fragility with a magical quality. The butterfly also takes flight where the caterpillar could only plod along – signifying the inherent freedom of the soul. In some instances and cultures, butterfly tattoos were associated with abundance, witches, and divine love. These tattoo designs are the most popular choice of tattoo for women.

Men also get butterflys for the visual or spiritual appeal. The perfect symmetry of a butterfly lends itself well to the male ideals of beauty as it does for women too. It has been pondered exactly what the relationship of the butterfly is to man, ever since the Chinese saying asked: “Am I a man dreaming I’m a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming I’m a man?” This symbol of deep introspection, spirituality, beauty, symmetry, orderliness, and freedom appeals to men as well as women.

Butterfly Tattoos Just Because

People can also choose butterfly tattoos without attributing any significance to their choice, other than they are visually appealing. This modern view of body modification doesn’t seem to have done much damage to the popularity of the design. People like to get butterfly tattoos on their lower backs, ankles, or hips. Placing a tattoo in a discrete place conforms more to the business ideals of the modern workplace but still allows the individual to display it on other occasions. Having the option to display it or not, make this form of body modification an accessory to your image when and where you choose.

Here are some more butterfly tattoo pictures for you to look at.

Butterfly Back Tattoos      Butterfly Tattoo

Butterfly Tattoo Design      Butterfly Tattoos

Butterflies come in many different styles, shapes and most definitely colors. The butterfly is seen as a multi-color insect and the person getting the tattoo can choose any kind of color they wish. Some people even make their tattoos look glittery as shown in the picture above, this procedure cost more but makes the butterfly stand out more than if it was a plan color. However you like your butterflies you can have them tattooed on your body. If you have any butterfly tattoo pictures you wish to share with us then please email them to us at: admin (@) tattoodesignshop (dot) com and please be sure to include a discription.

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