Very Cool Spiderman Tattoo

Here is a pretty cool Spiderman tattoo! I like the first Spider Man movie but getting a tattoo of Spiderman is a little over the top. Its a cool idea, I’m just saying its something you are going to have to live with forever and I didn’t think the movies where ‘that’ good.

The idea as a tattoo is interesting because you can make the tattoo look like you are Spiderman underneath your skin. This particular spider-man tattoo is on both arms and shows the skin ripping away and revealing the persons ‘true’ identity. The skin doesn’t look too realistic which I think takes away from this design. There are other Spider-Man tattoos that look better but I just haven’t seen any on the arms. Most Spiderman tattoos are done on the chest, which are more realistic and nice looking.

The color of this tattoo also helps it to stand out. The red and blue make it look realistic, but the shade they used for the skin color just doesn’t look good in my opinion.

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Weird Strawberry Foot Tattoo

I don’t think you can get any weirder than this strawberry foot tattoo. Why would anyone want a strawberry on their foot being eating by insects, or ants?! It’s just super weird to have this type of tattoo on your foot. I guess it goes with having a strawberry on the ground, bugs are going to get to it, but having this as your foot tattoo just strikes me as odd.

This person would definitely have one unique design on their foot that most other people would never get or have. Who else would think to put a strawberry on their foot and then have ants tattooed next to it?

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Awesome Patriot Eagle Tattoo Design

Here is an awesome American Eagle tattoo design with the American flag. This tattoo is very patriotic and inspired me greatly. Any design like this is worth mentioning and even worth getting. I think its a great choice for anyone looking to put a tattoo on their back or upper chest. Upper chest tattoos are popular among males and guys who love their country.

This is another colorful tattoo design that actually looks good. Most colored tattoos seem to fade over time and while this might fade after a few years, you can always get it touched up to looking just as good as it was new. An eagle wrapped in the American flag is just an awesome design to me! I love this tattoo!

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Tribal Dragon Tattoo Stencils

Finding the best stencils for getting your next tattoo is important. There are many websites that have popped up selling tattoo stencils. Some of the more popular stencils are the Tribal dragon tattoos. Why these stencils? Most Tribal designs are intricate and require a lot of work and the dragon is a very popular type of tribal design sought after. So together this makes the best tattoo stencil searched for.

People love the tribal designs but want a specific style or dragon. Instead of having a tattoo artist come up with a stencil, its easier to search the internet for a design that you like and either buy it or print off the picture of free stencil to take to your tattoo artist. It’s easier for your tattoo artist to copy something that has already been created than to create something from scratch. If you are in a hurry, then don’t bother going to a tattoo parlor, because the worst thing you can do is hurry your tattoo artist.

If you were to bring a perfect tribal dragon tattoo stencil in, it would make your tattoo artist happier since all they have to do is modify it to your liking, put it on your body and then trace the lines. Having an already created tattoo stencil is a smart way to go and your tattoo artist can modify or add to or subtract from any stencil. This is probably why there are so many websites selling stencils. You can find some of those sites here and here.

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Now Thats A Lot Of Ink – Japanese Tattoo Designs

Talk about going over board with the ink! When I first saw this Japanese tattoo design I thought, “how could anyone survive a tattoo session like that?!”

Getting a tattoo on your body is a form of art and expression. Getting a tattoo on your body also takes time, money and tons of patience! A tattoo like this Japanese design would take many man hours, lots of pain and tons of money to complete. The time it would have taken couldĀ  be years before this design was complete. All of that shading, outlining and coloring alone would take a ton of different sessions. While most tattoo sessions last as long as the artist can go, but also depends on how long a person can take the pain of the needle. Getting a tattoo is painful and in certain parts of the body, you will experience more pain. Just take a look at this tattoo pain chart!

Japanese tattoos usually have koi fish and lots of black lines and dark blocks. These designs are meant for covering large parts of the body and are usually on large areas, such as the back, chest and entire arms or legs.

Just take a look at the detail and how much work this entire Japanese tattoo would have taken!

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Pink Flower Bamboo Tattoo

Some of the nicer tattoos have color and stand out. Colored tattoos tend to fade to an ugly off shade of the original, which is one of the main reasons why I don’t really like colored tattoos. Some tattoos look better colored such as this pink flower with bamboo design. Many women choose to have color in their tattoos and the colors chosen are usually pinks and blues. A fresh colored tattoo looks a lot better than it will in a few years.

Not all colored tattoos end up looking ugly after a few years. They do lose their spark or boldness but that can be avoided by keeping your tattoo hidden from the sun. The sun is one of the main causes of tattoos fading. So with a pink flower bamboo tattoo on the back, its less likely it will see the light of day than a tattoo on the arm.

This is a very colorful tattoo and the bamboo stands out just as well as the pink flowers. This is a great choice for a colored tattoo. Without color or having this design all black, it wouldn’t be nearly as good.

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Very Unique Tattoo Designs – Eyeball Tattoos

I don’t know what inspires some people to get tattoos, but some of these unique tattoos are just ‘weird’! What would inspire someone to get a huge eyeball tattooed on the back of their head or even a huge eyeball on their back.

Eyeball tattoos are nothing special and really don’t have any underlining meaning. Besides having a huge eyeball tattooed on your body, what else does it mean? That you are being watched or that you can see everything? Its just a weird and unique tattoo to get. Some of the most unique tattoo designs can be found online because almost any idea can be done as a tattoo and then put online.

Would you ever get a tattooed eyeball on your body? I don’t know if I could live with this on my body.

This eyeball on the head it probably one of the most unique designs I have seen. What would inspire a guy to get his bald head tattooed with an eyeball that is crying? Maybe he’s sad he lost his hair?

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Angel Tattoos Are Popular With Men And Women

If you are looking for an angel tattoo, then you are searching for one of the most popular tattoo designs. This type of tattoo is searched for by both men and women. While guys tend to get more masculine angels, girls like the angel wings and guardian angels tattooed on their backs. I personally have never seen a girl with angel wings or an angel tattoo on the back, but that is probably because I don’t really see that backs of many girls.

Angel wings are a popular choice and its a design that can be easily done. The pain factor of getting an angel tattoo on the back isn’t that high, unless if you have a sensitive back. Angels can be done in my different styles and scenes. Some people choose to get just one angel tattoo, while others tend to get a scene or multiple angels done at the same time. Angels have a lot of different meanings and the reasons for getting an angel are also numerous. Some angels are gotten because of a loved one who passed away, a child who passed away, to show protection or the fight of good versus evil. Whatever the reason, people get angel tattoos all of the time.

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What Is An Ambigram Tattoo?

The ambigram tattoo is becoming popular but most people don’t really know the reason for it. Ambigrams are words or phrases that can be spelled the same forward and backwards and say the same thing. Some letters need to be modified or used differently to make some ambigrams work.

People can use phrases in other languages to mean something profound or meaningful to the person. One of my friends got an ambigram design done that means faithful but was in a different language.

Not all ambigrams have to say the same word backwards like ‘WOW‘ or ‘MOM‘, but can say a different word if read backwards like ‘GOD‘ = ‘DOG‘.

Here is an instance where the Ambigram says ‘Father‘ both ways

And here is another Ambigram tattoo that says ‘Family‘ reading left to right, while it says ‘Forever‘ reading it right to left:

With Ambigrams there are a ton of different variations and ways of creating a unique tattoo design. Some people are even getting their names done, which takes some effort and skill, but the great things about an ambigram design, is you will have one-of-a kind tattoo.

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